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. as a result he and 30 of the employees will lose their job. the land will be designated a marine wilderness area. if you have been on a diet and thought the forbidden piece of chocolate you snuck tastes so good guilt food taste better than they otherwise who you are on a diet. >>> have you ever tried to drop a couple pounds chances are you have bought into the multi-million dollar diet industry. if you still haven't dropped those unwanted pounds they mit may not be your diet. it could be all in your head. 75 percent of over heatieating caused by euyour emotions. how do you take control? >> clinical sipsychiatrist and author of end of emotional eating joins us with tips. all in our heads. 75 percent of it. >> a lot of it is in our heads. the good news is if it's in your head traditional diets don't work. thr but there are solutions. if you feel like you have tried everything there are solutions that might make a difference. >> what do you do? how do you get that under control? >> around the holidays a lot of people have the idea egg nothing ginger bred i have to engull j the holiday won't be
or into the wilderness or out to the seashore. and the great numbers of people in need always followed. tired and drained, as he was, he looked on them with compassi compassion. anoint all your people, lord, all of those who minister to you as they minister to one another and especially this week as they minister to the body, mind and spirit, to the whole community of sandy hook in newtown, a model for the nation, a model for the world. and we thank you for the world suppo support, calling, e-mailing, texting their love and their commitment to be one with us. use them, lord. take the passion that each one has and transform it totally, completely, into your spirit of compassion. and we ask this all, amen, amen. >> a community of different favorites, grieving together in this interfaith vigil. next, jack tanner, minister of newtown christian church reading scripture, romans 8, then we'll hear from a local government official, first select woman patricia lodra, connecticut governor dan malloy will then introduce president obama for his remarks to this crowd. again, you're looking live at newtown, high scho
that is true. if you are a small government conservative in the wilderness for a year when all of these conservatives opted not to run for president, conservatives that movement conservatives who did run the republican nomination, didn't do well. you lost on november 6 a month ago today. you had to deal with the bad republican hand on the fiscal cliff now for better part of a month. this is something to look forward to. that you have two republicans leading the party of this stature and capability. who are movement conservatives in the sense they're both intellectuals. to get these issues viscerally this is something to put you in a good mood. >> bret: rubio talked about the middle class. ryan talked about lifting people out of poverty. different messages than we heard on the campaign trail this past year. >> rub row also seemed to be sort of disagreeing with mitt romney's argument a little bit. the 47% people who just want hand-outs. kind of a thing. which he disagreed with before. it's interesting because i think it's reprehensible message. i also, i wonder where jeb bush fit
in the wilderness. >> which actually this leads to rock stars dying earlier than general population. tom, you asked if people would watch the concert for sandy. that was the greatest cialis commercial of all time. it was like a five-hour cialis commercial. >> if jefferson airplane ever redid one of their classic songs it would be "go cialis." >> i got that one. >> i am super psyched you are not having me back. i was sad for a second. >> because you are jealous you didn't think of that? >> it is like getting out of prison. >> that was a good-bad joke. it was a good-bad joke. ♪ go see alice ♪ i think it will grow >> ♪ if it lasts for hours ♪ go see alice ♪ see a doctor ♪ promptly >> ♪ one pill makes you larger >> or you can say see a doctor if it is 10 feet tall. >> are we going have to pay for this song now? >> we are going to pay for this. >> i want to go to karaoke with you guys. >> greg, you said the study showed the average expiration date for north american stars was 45 and european ones 40. i think that means to be serious for a minute that the average -- that was the average age
to be able to bring the bodies from the wilderness. it's out in the middle of nowhere. >> shepard: somebody took a photo of what appears to be jenni rivera's driver's license found in the wreckage. abc news confirms she was talking with that network about staring in a sitcom. she allegedly won a couple of mexican billboard awards. she sold 15 million records throughout her career. [ music ] >> shepard: tonight her fans and family say they just can't believe this has happened and they're remembering a woman who often sang about her own troubles and setbacks and helped ease the pain of others along the way. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub this afternoon. jenni rivera got a late start on her career, trace. >> reporter: and really never dreamed she would be a star. she had the first of her five children at the age of 16 years old, and she never put out her first album until she was 30 years old, but over the past 13 years, her very honest ballads about her personal trouble including three failed marriages really struck a nerve with her fans. she also sang about mexican culture, the d
plans to turn the land into a marine wilderness area, and as a result, the oyster company and 30 employees are out of work. kevin is the owner of drake's bay and now suing for an injunction to keep his business open. good morning to you, kevin. >> good morning, gretchen. how are you? >> gretchen: doing just fine. thank you for getting up so early. so tell me what you've been doing for all these years, your oyster farm. >> the oyster farm is really kind of a main stay in our community. we produce about a third of the oysters grown in the state of california. we get about 50,000 visitors a year who love this place, been here for over eight decades and the community and our county and san francisco bay area loves ush washington, d.c. >> gretchen: so the interior department wants to shut you down. why? >> well, actually a small handful of folks who are really wilderness activists who care deeply about getting people off the land, i think is the best we can tell, want to give up something to create a humanless landscape and it's a little strange because national sea shore was created
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6